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Japanese Giants was founded by Mark Rainey in 1974, and he published two issues before turning over the reins to Brad Boyle in 1976. Brad handled issues # 3 and #4 before passing the baton to current editor and publisher Ed Godziszewski in 1978. Japanese Giants is published on an irregular basis.

Ed Godziszewski

Ed Godziszewski has served as the editor and publisher of Japanese Giants magazine since 1977, and is the author of the acclaimed 1995 book The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Godzilla. As a writer and researcher on Japanese special effects films, Ed has contributed to numerous publications including Japanese Fantasy Film Journal, Retrovision, and G-Fan. In 1979, he authored the cover story (an overview of the Godzilla series) for the inaugural issue of Fangoria, and became the first American fan invited to tour both Toho Studios and Tsuburaya Productions in Japan. In the years since then, Ed has visited Japan numerous times and has met and interviewed many tokusatsu filmmakers. A Japanese documentary crew from NHK returned the favor by interviewing Ed in his home for a 1998 television special about Godzilla.

In 2004, Ed supplied materials and acted as a presenter at screenings of Japanese SF films for the American Cinematheque’s “Godzilla 50th Anniversary Tribute” in Hollywood. In 2005 he provided the DVD commentary and two short documentaries for the British Film Institute release of GODZILLA (1954), and in 2006 he worked on Classic Media’s Godzilla DVD collection.

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