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      • Wii!!!!!!!!!
        IGN has the first images for the upcoming Godzilla: Unleashed game for the Nintendo Wii. As of now, it is only known that Final Wars Gigan, Millennium Godzilla, Kiryu and Megalon will appear.

        Here is the first article about what is sure to be an exciting Wii adventure.

      • Jet Jaguar TAKE OFF!!!
        Everyone's favorite smiling cyborg JET JAGUAR has landed stateside. Bandai has released a 6 inch version and your friends at Clawmark Toys have him in stock.

        Tell Tom and Diane your friends at Japanese Giants sent you.

      • The Monsters are Invading Miami!!!
        Super Bears, Super Bowl

      • Konichiwa Sayonara Jupiter
        DiscoTek Media brings Sayonara Jupiter to R1 DVD on January 30th. Directed by Koji Hashimoto (Godzilla 1985, Ghidrah, Latitude Zero) and featuring special effects by Koichi Kawakita (Gunhed, King Kong VS Godzilla), it is available through Amazon and other online retailers.

      • GRA and MvsG Retail Release Date Announced
        Classic Media has announced the retail release date for Godzilla Raids Again and Mothra vs Godzilla will be April 3rd. Originally scheduled for retail release last year, it was decided to delay retail release to provide the DVDs a larger promotional push. To appease fans who pre-ordered them, CM m

      • Godzilla Final Wars creators on the DVD Front.
        Two DVDs of interest to fans of Japanese Giants have been released recently or will be released in the coming months. The first is Yoshikazu Ishii's Cool Dimension - Innocent Assassin (Kūru dimenshon). Ishii San was the First Assistant Special Effects Director on Godzilla Final Wars. The tr

      • Thanks to Jeff Horne--JG website guru
        As the JG blog era begins, what better opportunity to acknowloedge all the efforts of Jeff Horne in designing this website, initiating the blog, and in general keeping after me to get things done. I am sure that you will agree that the site looks terrific thanks to Jeff's hard work, and hopeful

      • The Giant Majin Collection is out
        In case you missed it, Retromedia released the Giant Majin Collection last Tuesday, January 9th. It's available at most online retailers like Amazon and Deep Discount DVD but I haven't seen it in storefronts like Best Buy or Circuit City. It's readily available for under $20 with De

      • Monsters of the Midway
        While not Japanese and only partly Giant, the Chicago Bears actually win a playoff game. It took overtime to do so but a win's a win. They play the Saints next weekend at Soldier Field for the NFC Title Game and the right to play in the Super Bowl.

        EDIT 1/16/07
        Well, unbekno

      • New Godzilla and Hedorah from Bandai
        I received the latest figures in the Bandai Godzilla series today, the 1968 Godzilla and 1971's Hedorah. The Godzilla is the same mold as the 1968 G figure from 2004's Godzilla Memorial Box. The figure is black with gray highlights instead of Green with olive highlights like the 2004 fi

      • No Godzilla 2 after all
        It shouldn't come as a surprise but it appears the rumor about Sony producing a sequel to 1998's Godzilla was just that, a rumor. I for one have no sadness whatsoever. I was so disappointed in the 1998 film that I would have a hard time getting my hopes up that a sequel would be any bett

      • Santa vs Gaira

        Happy Holidays from Japanese Giants