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A-Cycle Light Ray
Developed by Astronaut Fuji of the UN Space Agency, the A-Cycle Light Ray is the key to the defeat of the Planet X Aliens. The amplified light rays generated by this device block the control beams which the X Aliens use to direct the actions of Godzilla, Rodan and Kind Ghidorah. With a limited effective range, A-Cycle Light Ray generators are mounted onto huge mobile platforms and set up in positions near the three monsters.

Adonoa Island
Adonoa Island is a remote location in the Bearing Sea used as a radioactive waste dump. Radiation leaking from the site causes a species of pterodactyl, which has hatched from a prehistoric egg, to mutate into Rodan. A second egg found in the pterodactyl's nest on the island eventually hatches into a Baby Godzilla.

(1st Generation)
Originally from Siberia, Angilas (referred to as Angurus in the US version) is first discovered locked in mortal combat with Godzilla on a remote island in the northern Japan Sea. Angilas is an agile land monster, equipped with a crest of powerful horns, a backplate of sharp spines and a spiked tail. The key to the monster's quick movements is the existence of several secondary brains located in different parts of its body. Angilas is eventually killed by Godzilla when the two beasts battle in the city of Osaka.

(2nd Generation)
Angilas is captured by mankind and imprisoned on Ogasawara Island in 1999. He is freed by the Kilaaks during their invasion of Earth, acting as the guardian of the Kilaak base in the Mt. Fuji area. Angilas participates in the battle to defeat the Kilaaks and King Ghidorah and later becomes the ally of Godzilla. Angilas helps to ward off the invasion of Gigan and King Ghidorah. When Godzilla (the disguised Mecha-Godzilla-1st generation) appears to destroy Japan, Angilas tries to stop his 'friend' but instead is severly injured in the process.

Anti Nuclear Bacteria
Developed by the biogeneticist Dr. Genichiro Shiragami, ANB represents the ultimate weapon against Godzilla. The ANB attacks the source of Godzilla’s seeming invulnerability—the monster’s radioactive cell structure which contains regenerative properties. Shiragami’s research utilizes samples of G-cells to develop the ANB, applying their regenerative powers to create bacteria which consume radiation. One dosage is sufficient to neutralize the radiation generated by an atomic bomb. When injected into Godzilla’s body with drill rockets and activated by the intense microwaves of the Thunder Control System, the ANB attacks the radiation in the monster’s body, slowly consuming it and draining the beast of energy and its ability to regenerate. ANB remains dormant at low temperatures such as Godzilla’s normal body temperature. In his ANB-weakened state, Godzilla never returns to menace mankind.

Artificial Lightning
Playing upon Godzilla’s inherent weakness against electricity, the JSDF develops Operation Artificial Thunderbolt, using an amplified form of electricity known as artificial lightning which can be generated by specially designed high tension towers set up in the countryside near Nagoya. Electrodes located at the top of the towers direct artificial lightning bolts at Godzilla. When tangled in a conductive metal netting dropped from helicopters, Godzilla is nearly killed by artificial lightning, but the monster escapes when the towers’ transformers overheat and explode due to the high voltage strain on them.

Baby Godzilla
Exposed to radioactive waste on Adonoa Island, a Godzillasaurus egg hatches a Baby Godzilla. The baby develops a fondness for its human caretakers, but it becomes the subject of an intense search by Godzilla and Rodan who both instinctively act to protect it. While being kept at G-Force headquarters, the creature’s physiology is studied, leading the G-Force to a determination of Godzilla’s weak point. After defeating MechaGodzilla, Godzilla leads the infant monster away from humanity to Birth Island.

A species of ancient dinosaur which lives underground, Baragon tunnels through the Earth with the aid of its powerful heat ray and strong claws for digging, illuminating its way with light emitted from its horn. Baragon’s powerful legs enable the beast to leap several hundred meters to attack a foe. Baragon is a vicious predator with a ravenous appetite, once defeated by the Frankenstein monster (Frankenstein Conquers the World). Baragon was released from Ogasawara Island by the Kilaaks and defended the aliens’ position near the hot springs of Izu.

NBA star Charles Barkley offers Godzilla his most unique challenge in a 1992 commercial for Nike shoes. The monster challenges Barkley to a game of one-on-one, donning goggles for the big match and flicking the ‘O’ in a Tokyo sign with his tail to create a basket. But Godzilla finds himself out of his element, and Barkley forearms the monster out of his way, slamming home the winning basket. At the end, Barkley and Godzilla walk off into the sunset, arm in arm, as Barkley offers Godzilla some advice, “You ever thought about wearing shoes?” Produced by the ad agency Wieden & Kennedy with special effects by Industrial Light and Magic, Godzilla vs Charles Barkley premiered July 6, 1992 during the 1992 All Star Game. A sequel commercial, teaming Godzilla and MechaGodzilla versus Barkley and David Robinson was outlined on paper, but never approved.

An elemental force created by nature to defend the Earth against environmental destruction, Battra is a species of Black Mothra which first appeared in ancient times to destroy a weather control device invented by the Cosmos race. In its larval form, Battra travels by swimming through the ocean and by tunneling through the Earth. In this immature form, Battra is unable to fully control its deadly Prism Beams, the rays arcing wildly from its eyes and horn. In adult form, Battra can fly at high speed and also is able to fully control its Prism Beams, focusing them as a straight, accurate super-powered ray. Teaming with Mothra to defeat Godzilla, Battra is killed in the struggle’s aftermath.

Hoping to give his daughter Erica eternal life, biogeneticist Dr. Genichiro Shiragami combines her cells with a rose and later adds the regenerative properties of a G-cell to the plant. The resulting hybrid mutates into the monster plant Biollante. First appearing as a monstrous rose in Ashinoko, Biollante is no match for Godzilla who sets the creature ablaze. Spores from the plant drift into the sky, later returning to Earth near Wakasa. Here, a hideous mutation of Biollante appears, taller than Godzilla and with a huge reptilian head. Biollante’s weapons include acid sap and predatory vines, its unstable cell structure causing the monster to constantly mutate as it absorbs the energy of Godzilla’s ray. After battling Godzilla, Biollante changes into spores which fly out into space.

Birth Island
A small island off the coast of southern Japan on which Godzilla and Baby Godzilla establish their home. Birth Island also becomes the site of Space Godzilla's initial attack against Earth.

Black Hole Aliens
Ape-like beings whose home solar system is being drawn into a black hole, the Black Hole Aliens choose Earth as their future home. To aid in their dreams of conquest, they develop the cyborg monster MechaGodzilla , patterned after the most powerful force on Earth, Godzilla.

Cadmium Bomb
When Godzilla returns unexpectedly in 1984, the JSDF decides to attack the beast’s source of energy...radiation. They develop cadmium bombs, explosives laced with highly poisonous cadmium, a material also used in nuclear power plant because of its ability to smother radiation leaks. Loaded aboard the Super-X, cadmium bombs are fired into Godzilla’s mouth. Upon ingest-ing the bombs, Godzilla succumbs to the weapon, collapsing in a near-death state until revived by a radioactive lightning storm.

In ancient times, the Cosmos were a highly advanced civilization which lived on Infant Island, but when they created a machine to control the weather, nature responded by creating Battra. Mothra, protector of the Cosmos race, was able to ward off Battra’s attack, but not before the monster destroyed the weather control machine, causing a terrible storm which eventually flooded the island. Only Mothra and a few Cosmos survived. The sole survivors of the Cosmos in the present day are two tiny girls, barely 20cm tall, who are telepathically linked with Mothra.

The Daidako is a gigantic octopus which roams the shallow waters off the shores of Faro Island. When the creature comes ashore one evening to attack the native village, the gigantic ape King Kong senses the presence of an enemy and attacks the creature, dispatching the Daidako with little trouble.

Drats are genetically engineered pets from the future which are both docile and easily controlled by sound waves. Future People secretly leave three drats on Lagos Island in 1944. When exposed to radiation from atomic testing, the three creatures mutate into the three-headed monster King Ghidorah which the Future People use to devastate present day Japan.

Created by the heavy water discharge from the Red Bamboo’s weapons factory on Letchi Island, the monster crustacean Ebirah serves as a guardian of the island. Any ship which attempts passage to the island is sent to a watery grave by the beast. However, the Red Bamboo manufactures a yellow liquid from Letchi’s vegetation which acts as a repellent to the beast, allowing their ships to come and go. Ebirah is defeated in battle by Godzilla when the reptile rips the claws from the creature.

Fairy Mothra
A telepathic image sent from deep in space by Mothra and the Cosmos to Miki Saegusa, Fairy Mothra warns the psychic girl of the impending danger posed to Earth by Space Godzilla.

Faro Island
Located far from Japan in the south Pacific, Faro Island is the source of soma berries which produce the effects of a mild sedative. The island is also home to the mighty King Kong, revered by the island natives as their protector/god.

Fire Mirror
Designed as the prime weapon of Super X-2, the Fire Mirror is constructed from a man-made diamond. When deployed, the mirror has the ability to withstand and reflect 10,000 times the amount of energy of a normal mirror. As Godzilla’s radioactive ray strikes the mirror, it is reflected numerous times within the diamond structure to amplify its speed and power. The amplified ray is then reflected back towards Godzilla from the diamond cone in the center.

Future People
Three renegade members of the Earth Union (Wilson, Grenchiko, and Emi Kano) in the year 2204 steal a time machine called MOTHER and hatch a terrorist plot to bring an end to the Japan of their time—a country which economically dominates their world. Returning to 1992, they trick the people of that period into helping them by suggesting that they have returned to save Japan’s future. Saying that Godzilla would revive from ANB infection and destroy a nuclear power plant, contaminating the entire country, they offer to go back in time to erase the origin of Godzilla from history. They prevent Godzilla’s creation, but leave behind three Drats which the bomb mutates into King Ghidorah, a monster which they use to blackmail Japan into submission.

G-cells are living tissue samples of Godzilla which were collected after his battle with Super-X. Study of G-cells by Dr. Genichiro Shiragami reveals the source of Godzilla’s seeming invulnerability—the monster’s irradiated cells have regenerative properties, allowing the monster to recover quickly from most any injury. G-cells are used as the source for the creation of Anti Nuclear Bacteria (ANB), an organism capable of neutralizing the regenerative properties of the G-cell.

The G-Force is an international task force headquartered in Tsukuba, Japan. Sponsored by the U.N., the team’s single purpose is to develop and implement countermeasures against Godzilla. Their ultimate weapon is the MechaGodzilla, created using cybernetic technology gathered from examination of the remains of Mecha King Ghidorah.

A huge radiation-mutated toad, Gaborah is the dream-world manifestation of a little boy’s real life classmate and tormentor. Gaborah is a bully monster which lives on Ogasawara Island and picks on Minya. Gaborah has the ability to generate a powerful electrical charge from its horns which it uses to shock its opponent. By helping Minya overcome his fear of Gaborah, the boy learns to stand up for himself and fight back, first against some inept robbers/kidnappers and finally against the real-life bully, Gaborah.

Garuda is a flying fortress created by the G-Force, a super weapon which was relegated to secondary status when the MechaGodzilla project was completed. Created by Kazuma Aoki, Garuda can fly at high speeds and is equipped with twin maser beam cannons. When it merges with the robot monster, a Super MechaGodzilla with superior mobility and firepower is created.

Giant Condor
Created by the atomic waste generated by the Red Bamboo base on Letchi Island, the Giant Condor attacks Godzilla while the monster attempts to sleep. Frantically pecking at Godzilla’s face with its beak, the monster bird is unable to damage the mighty reptile. Godzilla sends the mutation to a watery grave with but a single blast of his atomic breath.

A living creature which was heavily mechanized by Space Hunter Nebula M Aliens, the cyborg monster Gigan is used as an agent of conquest by the aliens as well as the Seatopians and the Garoga race. Gigan’s cybernetic brain is directed by control waves received through its antenna horn. Its diamond hard claws and stomach mounted buzzsaw are deadly weapons. Although never used in his battles with Godzilla, Gigan is also rumored to emit a deadly laser from just above its visor.

(1st Generation)
A prehistoric creature roused from it's home deep beneath the ocean by repeated nuclear testing. Godzilla first appears near Odo Island and lashes out against his human tormentors. The beast's size and strength alone are menace enough to mankind , but the monster acquires a lethal radioactive breath from its exposure to atomic bomb testing. Impervious to modern weaponry, Godzilla is disintegrated by Dr. Serizawa's oxygen destroyer.

(2nd generation)
First seen by mankind on Iwato Island, the 2nd generation Godzilla is another creature of the same species as the one killed by the oxygen destroyer. Although a deadly menace to mankind, constant threats to the safety of Earth eventually force the monster to assume the role of defender of the planet. Possessing a deadly atomic breath, superior physical strength, and a powerful tail, Godzilla lays waste to both mankind and monster alike. By 1999, Godzilla is imprisoned on Ogasawara Island, but he manages to break out whenever the Earth is in severe danger.

(3rd generation)
Thirty years after its demise at the hands of Dr. Serizawa and his oxygen destroyer, a new (?) Godzilla rises from the depths of the ocean. Feeding on radiation, this Godzilla constantly searches for new sources of energy. Eventually, Godzilla’s body is infected with Anti Nuclear Bacteria, causing the monster to lose its strength and retreat into the ocean, never again returning to torment mankind. Having been created when a dinosaur (Godzillasaurus) is exposed to atomic testing on Lagos Island in 1944, this Godzilla is eliminated from history when the dinosaur is transported to the Bering Strait by a group of time travelers from the future.

(4th generation)
Destined to become Godzilla, the Godzillasaurus which was transported from Lagos Island to the Bering Sea by time travelers is exposed to radiation from a nuclear sub accident in the late 1970’s. Because of the intensity of this modern-day radiation, the new Godzilla is even larger and more powerful than the 3rd generation monster and poses a deadly threat to mankind.

Godzilla Tower
The centerpiece of the Children’s Land amusement park outside of Tokyo, the Godzilla Tower is a life size 50 meter tall structure built to Godzilla’s likeness and housing the control center of the park. But the tower’s true purpose is to serve as a base of operations for Space Hunter Nebula M Aliens from which they summon the space monsters Gigan and King Ghidorah, directing their actions with sophisticated machinery located in their control room. Mounted in the eyes of the tower are super lasers with which the aliens plan to kill Godzilla.

A breed of dinosaur which survives into the 20th century, living deep in the jungles of Lagos Island. The monster inadvertently saves a WWII Japanese battalion, but the beast is badly wounded by heavy fire from American warships. Atomic bomb testing causes the Godzillasaurus to mutate into Godzilla. When Future People interfere in history and transport the dinosaur to the Bering Sea to prevent Godzilla’s birth, a nuclear sub accident 30 years later transforms the beast into Godzilla. The plant-eating Godzillasaurus lays its eggs in the nest of other dinosaurs, similar to the modern day cuckoo, so that the parents of the nest will care for the hatchling.

Native to Faro Island in the south Pacific, Gorosaurus is a huge species of dinosaur, similar to a tyrannosaurus. It is equipped with exceptionally powerful legs which it uses to perform a kangaroo-like kick attack. Originally defeated by King Kong in battle (King Kong Escapes), Gorosaurus is imprisoned on Ogasawara Island in 1999 until freed by the Kilaaks who direct the monster to attack Paris.

Happy Enterprises
Happy Enterprises is a company run by the evil entrepreneur Kumayama and bankrolled by his associate Torahatta. Buying Mothra’s egg from the poor villagers into whose waters the egg drifts, the company plans to exploit their acquisition by making it the central attraction of an amusement park called Happy Land. When the Small Beauties of Infant Island ask for the egg’s return, they are nearly kidnapped by the two unscrupulous businessmen. Happy Enterprises constructs a gigantic incubator around the egg, but when Godzilla appears to destroy the egg, the greed of the two men leads to their demise.

Having traveled to Earth aboard a meteor, Hedorah is an extraterrestrial organism which feeds on the waste products created by mankind’s ravaging of the environment. Many tadpole-like cells of Hedorah grow in the polluted waters of Suruga Bay, eventually combining into a huge creature which mutates into a four-legged amphibious form with a body composed of toxic sludge. Hedorah later evolves into a flying form, emitting a deadly sulfuric acid mist in its wake, and finally into an upright, land-roving form. In its final form, Hedorah has the ability to change its shape to either 2-legged or flying form, and can attack enemies with acid sludge balls or a toxic eye beam. Its nucleus of Hedrian is the key to its life force.

Infant Island
An island in the south Pacific near Indonesia, Infant Island is the home of Mothra. Infant Island was devastated by nuclear testing, but the natives of the island miraculously survived in a small area at the heart of the island, the only place where vegetation still exists. The natives of the island worship Mothra as their protector, and the Small Beauties of Infant Island, less than 30cm tall, are telepathically linked with the monster.

Infant Island
Located in the south Pacific off the main island of Indonesia, Infant Island is exploited by a deforestation project run by the Marumoto Corporation. When a devastating typhoon unearths a gigantic egg on the island, an investigation team encounters two tiny girl called Cosmos, who explain the egg to be that of the island’s protector, Mothra. Mothra’s egg appears because of the environmental threat to the island.

Jet Jaguar
A super robot created by Professor Ibuki, Jet Jaguar is stolen by the denizens of Seatopia for use as a mobile control conduit for their monster, Megalon. When momentarily freed from Seatopian control, Jet Jaguar is sent to Ogasawara Island to summon Godzilla against the enemy. Jet Jaguar then programs himself to grow to gigantic proportions and assists Godzilla in his battle against Megalon and Gigan.

When a species of huge jungle mantis native to Solgel Island is exposed to intense cosmic rays which result from a failed weather control experiment, the insect mutates to gigantic proportions. These carnivorous monsters, known as Kamakiras, attack any living thing and are especially threatening to Godzilla’s newborn son, Minya. (known by the name Gimantis in the American version of Son of Godzilla)

Attracted to Earth by its geothermal heat sources, the Kilaaks are an alien race intent on taking over the Earth. The Kilaaks are able to maintain their humanoid form only in an extremely high temperature environment. When exposed to cold, they revert to a small rock-like form in which they hibernate, making them virtually immortal. With their expertise in mind control technology, they take control of the Earth’s monsters and direct them against mankind in hopes of conquering Earth.

King Ghidorah
(1st Generation)
The three-headed space demon King Ghidorah was responsible for devastating many ancient civilizations, including that of the planet Venus. To travel through the void of space, King Ghidorah undergoes metamorphosis into pure energy and is surrounded by a protective magnetic casing. In this meteor-like form, King Ghidorah arrives on Earth at Kurobe Gorge and threatens to destroy the planet with its magnetic force beams and powerful wind shears. Only the combined strength of Godzilla, Rodan, and Mothra drives him from Earth. After his initial defeat, King Ghidorah has been used as a pawn of several alien races in their plans to conquer Earth, including the X Aliens, Kilaaks, and Space Hunter Nebula M Aliens. The superhero Zone Fighter also battles the three-headed terror when the Garoga Aliens bring him to Earth. King Ghidorah was finally killed in 1999 near Mt. Fuji by a group of Earth monsters. King Ghidorah is Godzilla’s deadliest enemy and the most evil creature in the universe.

King Ghidorah
(2nd Generation)
When Future People travel to Lagos Island in 1944 to prevent the birth of Godzilla, they leave three Drats behind. When exposed to the atomic bomb test of 1945, these creatures mutate into King Ghidorah, a three-headed flying monster with destructive magnetic force rays. Controlling King Ghidorah, the Future People use the creature to devastate Japan. In a battle with Godzilla, King Ghidorah’s middle head is severed and the beast is mortally wounded, its body falling into the Sea of Ohkutsk. Two hundred years in the future, the body is revived by with cybernetic technology as Mecha King Ghidorah.

King Kong
Native to Faro Island, King Kong is a gigantic ape who serves as the island’s protector. Its physical strength is greater than that of any other monster, but its fondness for soma juice causes the monster to become drunk, allowing it to be captured by representatives of Pacific Pharmaceuticals and transported to Japan. Kong escapes his captors and heads for Japan where he eventually meets with Godzilla. Kong’s ability to draw strength from electricity saves the monster’s life when a lightning storm revives the ape after a thrashing by Godzilla, allowing Kong to battle his foe to a draw.

King Seesar
The protector/god of Okinawa, King Seesar is a monstrous combination of a lion and a dog. True to the ancient prophecies of Okinawa, when a monster rises up to destroy the world (MechaGodzilla), King Seesar appears to combat the threat. Sleeping in a cave off the coast of Okinawa, King Seesar is invoked by the song of a priestess. In his battle with MechaGodzilla, King Seesar uses his reflective eye beam to catch and return MechaGodzilla’s rainbow beam.

A gigantic spider indigenous to Solgel Island, Kumonga (called Spiga in America) uses its powerful webbing to capture its prey and feed upon them. Able to conceal itself in jungle foilage, Kumonga poses a deadly threat to Minya.

Lagos Island
The sight of fierce fighting in World War II, this island is also the home of a Godzillasaurus. When the island is subjected to atomic testing in 1994, the dinosaur is mutated into Godzilla.

Letchi Island
An uncharted land mass in the south seas, Letchi Island is the secret base of the terrorist group Red Bamboo. Radioactive waste from their heavy water factory causes local wildlife to mutate into monstrous proportions and also attracts Godzilla, who uses a cavern on the island for hibernating.

Little Godzilla
Baby Godzilla matures into Little Godzilla within a year of its birth. Spending its days exploring its home on Birth Island, Little Godzilla seems harmless to humans. Little Godzilla is attacked by Space Godzilla and trapped in a crystal prison until Godzilla destroys the alien life form. Little Godzilla’s radioactive breath is still undeveloped, coming out in the form of small energy bubbles.

Originally the monster god of the undersea civilization called the Mu Empire (Atragon), Manda is released from Ogasawara Island imprisonment and directed by the Kilaaks against London. Later, Manda joins the devastating Kilaak attack on Tokyo.

Maser Tanks/Jets
The mazer beam is generated by accelerating light particles within a reflective barrel, creating neutrinos and mesons, then amplifying and irradiating them. The force of this beam is extremely powerful and concentrated. Being one of the most powerful energy beams in existence, the anti-Godzilla section of the JSDF and the G-Force use many mazer vehicles to combat Godzilla.

Mecha King Ghidorah
When King Ghidorah is mortally wounded by Godzilla, time traveler Emi Kano returns to her time period and uses 23rd Century cybernetic technology to revive the monster’s body. With a mechanical head and wings replacing its damaged body parts and incorporating the KIDS time machine into its body, the MechaGhidorah returns to 1992 to halt the destructive rampage of Godzilla. After a fierce battle in Tokyo’s Shinjuku area, the cyborg monster uses its Godzilla Capture System to immobilize Godzilla and carry it out to sea.

(1st Generation)
Created by Black Hole Aliens as a weapon for taking control of Earth, the MechaGodzilla first emerges from a boulder spewed forth from Mt. Fuji, disguised as Godzilla. The robot’s identity is revealed when the real Godzilla appears to confront him. their monster, Megalon. When momentarily freed from Seatopian control, Jet Jaguar is sent to Ogasawara Island to summon Godzilla against the enemy. Jet Jaguar then programs himself to grow to gigantic proportions and assists Godzilla in his battle against Megalon and Gigan.

(2nd Generation)
Using cybernetic technology derived from the salvaged remains of the Mecha King Ghidorah, the G-Force constructs MechaGodzilla to defend the country against the menace of Godzilla. Operated by the special G-Force team from a base in Tsukuba, the MechaGodzilla is outfitted with special weaponry to combat Godzilla—the MegaBuster beam fired from the mouth, eye lasers, tranquilizer missiles, and electrocuting shock anchors. Its most effective weapon is the Plasma Grenade which is powered by an artificial diamond body coating which absorbs Godzilla’s ray. Four members of the G-Force control the robot, and linking with the Garuda forms a Super MechaGodzilla.

MechaGodzilla 2
Recovering the head of the original MechaGodzilla and with the assistance of the embittered scientist Dr. Mafune, Black Hole Aliens create MechaGodzilla 2, its control device hidden in the cyborg body of Mafune’s daughter, Katsura. Armed with improved finger missiles, which penetrate their target before exploding, MG2 teams with Titanosaurus to help the aliens carry out their plans of conquest. Godzilla is able to vanquish this robot incarnation of himself only after Katsura commits suicide, disabling the cyborg’s controls.

Monster god of the kingdom of Seatopia, Megalon is an insect creature resurrected by the Seatopians to take revenge on the surface world. Megalon causes terrible destruction with laser beams fired from its horn and geothermal napalm spewn from its mouth. Teamed with the space monster Gigan, Megalon battles against Godzilla and Jet Jaguar to determine the fate of the world.

The son of Godzilla, Minya was born on Solgel Island. Attacked at birth by the mutated Kamakiras, Minya is saved when its telepathic link to Godzilla summons the mighty reptile’s aid. Able only to blow radioactive smoke rings, the infant monster is constantly imperiled by the giant insects of Solgel Island. Minya also appears in a little boy’s dream world as the boy’s best friend, but tormented by the bully monster Gaborah.

The next generation of super robotics built after the destruction of MechaGodzilla, Mogera has the ability to change form by splitting into two vehicles, the Land Mole (capable of drilling underground at high speed) and the Star Falcon (capable of flight). MOGERA stands for Mobile G-Force Expert Robot Aerial-type. Mogera’s weaponry includes Spiral Grenade Missiles fired from its hands, the Plasma Mazer, eye mounted laser canons, and the Crusher Drill as its nose . With its jet rocket engines, Mogera is also capable of space flight.

Moonlight SY-3
Built by the United Nations Space Federation, Moonlight SY-3 can perform interplanetary space travel with a special booster rocket. As flagship for the UNSF, it carries little armament (missiles), but it is assigned the critical mission of seeking out and destroying the Kilaak base of operations on the Moon.

MOTHER is a time machine stolen in the 23rd Century from the Earth Union by terrorists. These Future People use MOTHER to return to 1992 to trick the people of that day to help them in their plot to destroy Japan, an economic giant of the future. MOTHER carries a smaller time machine called KIDS, equipped with a teleportation beam. After Emi Kano thwarts the plans of her fellow time travelers, she returns to the 23rd Century in KIDS, the time machine later incorporated into the body of the Mecha King Ghidorah as its control module.

(1st Generation)
Mothra is the benevolent protector of Infant Island and is telepathically linked with the Small Beauties of Infant Island. In its larval form, Mothra uses its silken cocoon for defense. The adult Mothra can flay at high speed and uses strong winds and poison pollen as defensive weapons. An eternal monster whose spirit is reborn in each succeeding generation, its egg hatches two caterpillars which succeed in encasing Godzilla in a silken cocoon after the adult version has been killed by the reptile. One of the caterpillars dies after the battle with Godzilla but the survivor teams with Godzilla and Rodan to drive King Ghidorah from Earth. After maturing into an adult, Mothra resues the kidnapped natives of Infant Island from Letchi Island, briefly engaging Godzilla in battle. After being confined to Ogasawara Island, a larval Mothra is freed and directed by the Kilaaks to attack Peking and Tokyo.

(2nd Generation)
Born on Infant Island and protector of the Cosmos race, Mothra defended the Cosmos from the attack of Battra centuries ago. Mothra is the ‘Messenger of Peace’. To defend itself, the adult Mothra can use an energy beam generated from its antennae, lightning discharges from its wings, and an energy reflecting pollen. Mothra appears when the environment of Infant Island is damaged by deforestation and the world is threatened by Godzilla. Teaming with Battra to defeat Godzilla, Mothra creates an energy barrier at the bottom of the ocean to imprison Godzilla.

Odo Island
A small island located near the Bikini Atol, Odo Island seemed to be the anchor point for a series of strange shipping disasters. The natives blame the disasters on the legendary monster Godzilla, which they claim roams the seas nearby. When the island’s village is destroyed during a typhoon, a scientific team arrives on the island to investigate, and it is there that Godzilla reveals himself to mankind for the first time.

Ogasawara Island
Located in the Pacific Ocean southeast of Japan, Ogasawara Island was established by mankind in the late 1990’s as a zoological park of sorts for confining the dangerous monsters which had threatened the Earth in the late 20th Century. Here the monsters coexist, feeding on the natural resources of the area, their freedom restricted by special devices developed to keep them within the island’s perimeter. The entire area is monitored and controlled by a UN-sponsored base of operations located deep below the island’s surface. The Kilaaks take command of the base and release the monsters on the world as part of their plan to conquer Earth.

Oxygen Destroyer
The oxygen destroyer, the only man-made weapon ever made which has defeated Godzilla, was invented by Dr. Daisuke Serizawa. The device worked by destroying the oxygen in water and in any organic life form contained within, effectively disintegrating it. Fearing his invention to be even more of a threat to mankind than either Godzilla or nuclear weapons, Serizawa committed suicide after Godzilla was destroyed, the secret of the device dying with him.

(1st Generation)
A huge Pteranodon-like monster, Rodan can fly at supersonic speed, wind shears from its passing causing great damage. Rodan escapes from its volcanic tomb at Mt. Aso and proceeds to engage in battle with Godzilla. But Rodan eventually becomes Godzilla’s ally when King Ghidorah twice threatens to destroy the Earth.

(2nd Generation)
A species of Pteranodon born on Adonoa Island in the Bering Sea, the dinosaur mutates into Rodan from exposure to nuclear waste sites on the island. After being badly injured by Godzilla’s atomic breath, the Rodan mutates further into a Fire Rodan, capable of emitting an atomic heat ray of its own. Thinking the Godzillasaurus egg left in its nest on Adonoa Island to be its own, Rodan fiercely fights to protect the Baby Godzilla. About to expire after its battle with MechaGodzilla, Rodan’s dying body falls atop a lifeless Godzilla, dissolving into a radioactive mist which revives the King of the Monsters.

To protest environmental damage caused by the surface world and hoping to regain the world dominance which their undersea kingdom had held in ancient times, the Seatopians unleash their monster god Megalon upon the surface world. To control Megalon, they steal the robot Jet Jaguar. The Seatopians also summon the space monster Gigan to assist Megalon, but their evil plans are thwarted by the team of Godzilla and Jet Jaguar.

Small Beauties of Infant Island
Inhabitants of Infant Island who are but 30cm tall, the Small Beauties are able to communicate telepathically with Mothra. These twin fairies are revered by the inhabitants of Infant Island and act as intermediaries between Mothra and the outside world.

Solgel Island
A remote south Pacific island chosen by the United Nations for conducting weather control experiments. When the experiment goes awry, the island is subjected to a violent storm and intense cosmic rays, causing the indigenous life forms (jungle mantises) to mutate to gigantic proportions. The island is also the birthplace of Minya, the son of Godzilla.

Space Godzilla
G-cells from Biollante, floating through space, enter a black hole where they absorb cosmic energy and combine with a crystalline life form to create Space Godzilla. Emerging from a white hole, this hybrid beast embarks on a campaign of terror throughout the galaxy, destroying all in its path. By transforming into a nearly pure crystalline form, Space Godzilla can fly throughout the galaxy at incredible speed. Space Godzilla’s most powerful weapon is its corona beam, and when able to tap cosmic energy, the beast can also levitate a prone enemy or other objects with its gravity tornado, hurling them across the battlefield.

Space Hunter Nebula M Aliens
Attracted to Earth by its ever-increasing pollution levels, the cockroach-like beings from Space Hunter Nebula M view this planet as the ideal habitat for their race. Taking on human ‘shells’ in order to move unnoticed amongst the humans, the aliens bring the space monsters Gigan and King Ghidorah to Earth to facilitate their plan of conquest.

Super X
Super-X is a flying battle tank, secretly constructed by the Japanese government and intended to be used in the event of nuclear war. Hastily converted to a weapon for defending against Godzilla, its titanium alloy hull allows it to withstand the monster’s atomic breath. The vehicle is equipped with Cadmium Bombs which it fires into Godzilla’s mouth in an attempt to kill the beast. Super-X is armed with super lasers and both top and bottom mounted 40mm Vulcan cannons, and has the ability to fly in any direction.

Incorporating features specifically designed to combat Godzilla, Super X-2 is constructed with the super-alloy NM32, twice as strong as the titanium alloy from which Super-X was fabricated. Its premiere feature is the Fire Mirror which is engaged by opening the front panels of the vehicle. Super X-2 is also outfitted with super missiles which are launched from a retractable platform in the top of the hull, super napalm rockets, two side-mounted 40mm Vulcan cannons, and torpedoes. In addition to its ability to fly, Super X-2 is also an amphibious vehicle, able to submerge in the ocean to a maximum depth of 1,000 meters. An unmanned, computer-controlled craft, Super X-2 is under the direction of Lt. Commander Kuroki.

A plan devised by the G-Force by which Godzilla’s movements would be controlled telepathically. Under the supervision of Dr. Ohkubo, the plan is put into effect on Birth Island when a telepathic amplifier is attached to Godzilla. The psychic girl Miki Saegusa reluctantly participates in the project, directing Godzilla’s actions with her telepathic abilities. The amplifier and Miki are kidnapped by the Industrial Mafia who intend to use the monster for their own purposes, but their plan is thwarted by G-Force and Space Godzilla’s destructive rampage.

Thunder Control System
An experimental system located near the Wakasa nuclear power station, the Thunder Control System is designed to use Thunder Beams to create artificial lightning, generating electrical surges which power huge microwave generators. Lightning rods located in the field’s mines attract lightning strikes during a storm to power the system. Godzilla is lured into the TCS in the hope that its microwaves will elevate the monster’s body temperature and activate the dormant Anti Nuclear Bacteria cells in his body.

Discovered by Dr. Mafune, the Titanosaurus is a species of amphibious dinosaur which can create hurricane force winds with its fan-shaped tail. As a result of intensive study of the beast, Dr. Mafune and his daughter Katsura perfect a device to allow them to control the actions of the Titanosaurus. With the cooperation of Dr. Mafune, Black Hole Aliens team Titanosaurus with MechaGodzilla 2 in an attempt to conquer Earth. Titanosaurus is highly susceptible to attack by supersonic waves.

Varan originally dwelled in the Kitakami River basin, considered by the local natives as a fierce demon god (Varan, the Unbelievable). Varan has the ability to fly, using a membrane joining its arms and legs, much in the manner of a flying squirrel. Varan was imprisoned on Ogasawara Island in 1999 but released during the Kilaak invasion. Varan also took part in the attack of the Earth monsters against the Kilaak stronghold at Mt. Fuji.

X Aliens
When Planet X is discovered behind Jupiter, the Earth spaceship P-1 is dispatched to the planet where X Aliens are living underground in fear of the scourge of their planet, Monster Zero, alias King Ghidorah. The X Aliens receive permission to capture Godzilla and Rodan for defending themselves, but this ploy is an elaborate deceit. Taking control over all three monsters, the aliens use them to conquer Earth and gain access to its enormous water resources. However, being mechanized beings, X Aliens are ultimately destroyed by an unusual high frequency sound.

Zone Fighter
Having escaped the destruction of their home planet at the hands of the Garoga aliens, the Zone Family takes refuge on Earth. Head of the family is Hikaru Sakimori who can change into the gigantic superhero Zone Fighter. When the evil Garoga race tracks the Zone Family to Earth, Zone Fighter stands in defense of his adopted home planet. When in desperate need, Zone Fighter relies on his ally Godzilla to assist in routing the invaders. Zone Fighter’s special powers include wrist missiles and the proton beam.

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