Gojira Wins A Saturn Award


01/13/2007The Official Japanese Giants Blog is now online. Visit it daily or subscribe to the RSS Feed for news from the world of Japanese Giants.

01/01/2007Happy New Year from Japanese Giants.

12/21/2006DVD Verdict gives Godzilla Raids Again a fair trial.

12/21/2006Classic Media's Gojira DVD makes DVD Talk's Most Impressive DVDs of 2006 list.

12/09/2006Universe Laser from Hong Kong will be releasing the R3 DVD of Gamera the Brave on December 11, 2006. For kaiju fans with multi-region DVD players, the DVD can be ordered from YesAsia and HKFlix.

12/02/2006The Classic Media Godzilla on DVD website has posted an announcement regarding the interlacing problem on the Godzilla Raids Again dvd. Please see the announcement for limited time replacement information.

12/02/2006Reviews of the currently available Godzilla DVDs from Classic Media are all over the internet.

Gojira Godzilla Raids Again Mothra vs Godzilla

10/30/2006The Japanese Giants Database page has been updated with new data direct from the pages of the Illustrated Encyclopedia of Godzilla.

10/27/2006Save $3.00 with this coupon on retail purchase of Classic Media's Gojira Two DVD set through January 31, 2007. Perfect for holiday gift giving.

10/20/2006Classic Media's DVD retail release of Godzilla Raids Again and Godzilla vs Mothra has been moved to a 2007 release. Good news for fans though, you may pick them up at the previously announced release date of November 7, 2006 direct from www.godzillaondvd.com.

09/23/2006Japanese Giants #6 page updated with sample page from issue.

09/20/2006Photo Gallery added to the Yasuyuki Inoue page.

09/01/2006Classic Media's Gojira DVD is set for release Tuesday, September 5th. The commentary for Gojira and Godzilla, King of the Monsters feature Japanese Giants Editor Ed Godziszewski and Japan's Favorite Mon-Star author, Steve Ryfle.

Reviews are appearing in many outlets and have been very positive. Here are a few...

09/01/2006About Us page updated with Ed's bio.

08/29/2006New links added to the Links page.

08/27/2006Japanese Giants Issue Details added for issues 4 - 10 on Back Issues pages.

08/23/2006Japanese Giants Back Issues Page Updated.

08/23/2006Japanese Giants Order page updated with available issues, shipping cost and revised single and multiple issue order instructions.

08/06/2006New Japanese Giants Website Launches.

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